S07 EP17: Yoast SEO is taking on SEO on Shopify w/ Marieke Van de Rakt

On today’s episode, Kunle is joined by Marieke Van de Rakt, Founder and CMO of Yoast, a popular WordPress search engine plugin with over 5 million installations.
On today’s episode, Kunle is joined by Marieke Van de Rakt, Founder and CMO of Yoast, a popular WordPress search engine plugin with over 5 million installations.
If you’re a long-time WordPress user, surely you’ve come across the Yoast SEO plugins. After a while, they became a WooCommerce app by bringing in many sub-apps to support a user's eCommerce journey. Now, they’re furthering their eCommerce reach by applying their success in both platforms to Shopify. 
Marieke shares the backstory of Yoast and how their husband-wife duo gave birth to the amazing app. She also opens up about how they are a multinational company even before being acquired by Newfold Digital, a leading web presence solutions provider.
This episode with Marieke is enlightening as it goes into the world of SEO with the different standpoints you should know and tools outside of the Yoast ecosystem that are crucial to eCommerce and SEO. 
With the utmost confidence in the company, engineers, developers, marketers, and users, Marieke wishes to change their company tagline to “SEO starts with Yoast.”



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