S07 EP02: Focus on Being Obsessively Helpful to Customers w/ Csaba Zajdó

On today’s episode, Kunle is joined by Csaba Zajdó, Co-Founder of OptiMonk, a powerful conversion optimization tool that converts your traffic into sales.
On today’s episode, Kunle is joined by Csaba Zajdó, Co-Founder of OptiMonk, a powerful conversion optimization tool that converts your traffic into sales.  
Bombarding your customers with all your content marketing tools is a big thumbs down. Most would find it annoying but how would you help those who are unsure about what they are looking for? Is there a way to figure out what they might need on your website? If you’re scratching your head don’t worry there is a solution.
OptiMonk is here to help you and save your marketing dollars. OptiMonk focuses on pop-ups, sticky bars, and side messages to help your customers navigate through your products pages and find what they are looking for with ease. Using different models, you can pinpoint what your customers need and filter out what doesn’t appeal to their current situation. 
In this episode, Kunle and Csaba talk about the five awareness stages. You will get to hear about the concept of Customer Value Optimization and how you can add value to every step of your customer’s journey. This is a great episode for brands looking to upscale their conversion to better the customer experience. 


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